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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Toddler School - Week 5 - Farm Animals

We live on a small farm in Tennessee. We raise chickens and rabbits. I thought it would be fun to spend some time learning about farm animals this week. We talked about their names and the sounds they make.

Toddler School Week 5 Farm Animals

Up until this week, we kept the chickens in an enclosed runner. Now they have the run of the yard. Baby Jay loved trying to catch a "ninen".

Toddler and Buff Orpingtons
Baby Jay and two of our Buff Orpingtons.

Toddler and Buff Orpingtons
Baby Jay loved the chickens

Toddler trying to catch a chicken
Baby Jay trying to catch a chicken.

Baby Jay is getting good at working her puzzles. This one has a horse, pig, cow, and duck. She had a lot of fun with the horse sound.

Working a farm puzzle
Learning about farm animals with a puzzle.

For Christmas, she got a Little People's Farm set. It came with a barn, a tractor, a watering trough, a cow, two horses, and a couple of little people. I thought it was a perfect way to play and learn about two farm animals.

Playing with a Little People's Farm Set
Baby Jay playing with her Little People's Farm Set

Daddy showed Baby Jay our rabbits. These animals don't get to run the yard. To learn how we made our rabbit cages, click here.

Daddy showing young daughter rabbits
Daddy is showing Baby Jay the rabbits.

Two young buck rabbits
"Are you going to give us a treat?"

We read some books about farm animals, too. It took her a little while, but now she loves to be read to. I checked two books out from our Library. The first book was On The Farm by Diane James. This book has beautiful color photographs of farm animals as well as cartoon animals with descriptions. Baby Jay couldn't get enough of this book!

The second book was Pete the Cat Old MacDonald Had a Farm by James Dean. I think Pete the Cat books are wonderful! We had a great time singing the song and looking at the pictures. This was a good way to reinforce animal names and sounds. 

If you want to do Toddler School with your little one(s), I hope to give you some ideas that will help you. I try to look at what I have on hand and what I can find at our library to use each week. In my opinion, school doesn't have to "break the bank". I hope you enjoyed reading about our week on Farm Animals!

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