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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Children's Ministry - Creation Day 2

A few months ago, my family and I really stepped out in faith. God called us to start a church! Since we are new and still small, the only children are my two youngest daughters, but I think they still need Sunday School and Children's Church. This week's lesson was on Creation - Day 2. I found some wonderful resources to help me teach the girls.

Creation Day 2 Activities

We have snack every week. Kids do so much better with food, don't they?

We started with Play Dough. I got this idea from Ministry-to-Children's lesson on Creation Day #1. I reinforced that we can only make things from pieces we already have, like Play Dough, but God created the world from nothing.

After prayer, I used Ministry-to-Children's lesson on Creation Day #2. I modified it for our use, of course. I read Genesis 1:6-8 and then broke it down using the lesson. We did the Bible Verse Memorization Activity. Jay really enjoys doing the sign language. She really loved this Day 2 Sensory Bottle!

Sunday School Creation Day 2 Sky. Make a sensory bottle to show children how God separated the water in the clouds and oceans to make the sky.:

We finished with this coloring page.

For Baby Jay, I talked about how God made every part of her. She participated wonderfully. She colored her own coloring page, too.

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