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Our Homeschool Curriculum for 2015-2016

9th Grade Curriculum:

Visual Arts: How-to Books about drawing, CJ works with his Dad in the Blacksmith Shop creating Metal "Art", he is given art projects that are due every week. For example, this week he had to research and draw our family crest.

English 1: Bob Jones Writing and Grammar 9 and lots of reading.

Personal Finance:
Discovering God's Way of Handling Money: A Financial Study for Teens Workbook

Pre-Algebra: Saxon Algebra 1/2

Economics: Abeka

Biology: ACE School of Tomorrow PACEs

10th Grade Curriculum:

Biology: ACE School of Tomorrow PACEs

English 2: Bob Jones Writing and Grammar 10 and lots of reading.

Geometry: Bob Jones

Typing Instructor Deluxe 17

American Sign Language: aslfree.org and personal instruction from an interpretor.

1st Grade Curriculum: 

History/Geography: The Big Book of America by Roger Hicks with worksheet to complete on each state and large map of the United States.
Language Arts/Reading: Grade 1 Set of Reading Books from the local school, one book from library with coordinating worksheets from Embark on the Journey, at least one other I Can Read type book.
Math: Grade 1 Math Workbook from Used Book Store.
Science: Unit Studies. For example, this week's unit study was on Birds.

Toddler School

We have a different theme every week. This last week's theme was the color blue. I used tot trays, Play Dough, and edible paint to teach Baby Jay the color blue. We use books, toys, and anything else I can find to help her play and learn. We really enjoy our time together.

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