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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Toddler School - Week 8 - Red

This week for Toddler School, we worked on the color red. Baby Jay's favorite red activity was the edible paint. Read on for more!

 Toddler School - Red

Baby Jay colored red construction paper with a red crayon.

Coloring with Red
Coloring with Red

 As I mentioned earlier, she LOVED the edible paint I made. I filled a bowl with Vanilla Yogurt and added red food coloring. She realized in just a few seconds that it tasted great. She ate the whole bowl!

Eating Edible Paint
Eating Edible Paint

 She did paint with it. What's more fun than food you can play with and eat at the same time?

Painting with Edible Paint
Painting with Edible Paint

This toy didn't have much to do with red, but she is shape sorting with ease now. This is a great toy for coordination.

Putting shapes in shape sorter
Shape Sorting Champion

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