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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Toddler School - Week 4 - Introducing Colors

This has been a busy week because of Christmas so there wasn't a great deal of school time. I did, however, begin to introduce colors using some of the toys that we already have.

Toddler School - Introducing Colors

We used her stacking cups to work on coordination, color, and size. She had to learn that the big cup has to be on bottom.

Stacking Cups

The Fisher Price Brilliant Rock-a-Stack is also great to work on coordination, color, and size. Baby Jay had to learn that the big one goes on the bottom or the rings don't fit.

Fisher Price Rock-a-Stack
Fisher Price Rock-a-Stack

Playing peek-a-boo

We played with some life skills this week, too. Baby Jay "washed dishes" in her kitchen set.

Washing dishes in a play kitchen
Washing dishes

She loved on her new baby.

Kissing a baby doll
Loving on her baby doll

What are some ways that you introduce color to your toddler?

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