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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Printable Paper Dolls

Jay is 6 years old now and I would love to introduce her to the world of Paper Dolls. She has such a great imagination that I know she will really enjoy this project. I found some free printable paper dolls with dresses that I think are adorable. Some are vintage. Some are more modern. I hope you enjoy, too!

Printable Paper Dolls

Vintage Printable Paper Dolls

Welcome Princess Merida to the "Retro Paper Doll Collection!" I can't wait for "Brave!" It looks like an awesome movie with a wonderful, strong heroine. And she has awesome hair! Merida does not se...
Princess Merida Printable Paper Doll

How fun would it be to make paper dolls with the girls to play with?
Color and Cut Printable Paper Doll

For more printables, visit my Pinterest board Printable Paper Dolls!

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