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Thursday, March 12, 2015

4 Steps to Potty Training Made Easy!

I have four wonderful children. I have potty trained 3 of them. I still have a year left before I will start with the fourth one. The first two were easy.

I followed these 4 simple steps to Potting Training made easy.

4 simple steps to potty training made easy over a potty chair
4 Steps to Potty Training Made Easy

Step 1: When they turned 2 years old, I stopped using diapers and put them in training panties or underwear. When they "did their business" they knew it.

Step 2: Limit fluid intake. My kids were big drinkers. I limited their fluid intake just enough so that they did not drink in excess. Which they would have!

Step 3: I took them to their own little potty chair often. At first, they didn't "do their business" every time, but I didn't want to wait for them to have an accident if I could prevent it. Soon, our routine became a habit and they associated the need to "do their business" with the potty.

Step 4: I praised them a LOT for using the potty chair. I'm a big believer in spending more time rewarding good behavior than punishing bad behavior.

Within a matter of weeks the oldest two - a girl and a boy - were completely potty trained. I really thought I knew all their was to know about the potty training business.

And then came the third child. Let me preface this next part with the fact that Jay is as different as night and day from her older siblings.

I started her out at 2 years old with the same steps that I used for Kat and CJ. She, however, didn't mind soiling her training panties... or the floor... the walls... the door... or the TV. (That was an interesting Bible Study Group night.) If you've ever seen the movie Daddy Day Care, I was Eddie Murphy in the scene when he looked into the bathroom after the little boy had messed it up. Only I was looking into her bedroom. (Shudder!)

I was consistent with her, though, so by the time she was 2 and a half years old, she was completely potty trained. In raising my children, working with children at church and in my job at the library, I have learned that they are all different. What works with one or two will not necessarily work with another. Because of this, I am already looking ahead to potty training number four.

Becky at Your Modern Family has an ebook called "Potty Train in a Weekend". She shares her tips on how to potty train a child in 3 days. I don't know about you, but I'm interested! For more info, check out her book. Click here to view more details or simply click on the picture below.


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