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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Inexpensive Chick Brooder

Looking for an inexpensive Chick Brooder? Try using an old bathtub!

     We remodeled our bathroom a few years ago and the old bathtub was out in the garden used to grow onions in. That worked fine, but when I needed a permanent chick brooder, I decided the bathtub would be better suited for my new project.

using an old bathtub as a chick brooder
Bathtub Chick Brooder

     I put the bathtub (with help from the hubby, of course) on a little table in the garage and then screwed it into the wall studs. Leftover hardware cloth from the rabbit pens covers the bathtub to keep the chicks in and other animals out. I cut a re-closable window in the hardware cloth to add water and feed every day. The heat lamp sits on top to keep the chicks warm. I put a layer of pine chips on the bottom and the chick brooder was ready.

The chicks were 4 days old when we brought them home from the Co-Op.

4 day old chicks under heat lamp in chick brooder
4 Day Old Chicks Under the Heat Lamp

 Kat (our Photographer in the making) took these pictures today. These Americauna and Gold Sex Link Pullets are 13 days old now.

13 day old chicks in chick brooder with neck stretched out
13 Day Old Chicks

They are getting their feathers and becoming very curious.

curious chicks in chick brooder looking at camera
Curious Chicks

VERY curious!!!

chick in chick brooder with neck stretched out looking at camera
The VERY Curious Chick

The Bathtub Chick Brooder has plenty of room for 12 chicks, their feeder, and waterer. It effectively keeps the drafts out. I add a layer of pine chips every week to keep the Brooder as clean as possible without traumatizing the poor things. When they are about 5 weeks old (and have all their feathers), I will move them to a wire cage in the big chicken coop. This will give the older hens a chance to get used to them before the chicks join the ranks. I will post more about that in a few weeks.

1 comment:

  1. Good idea to use the old tub. It's still serving a purpose (holding babies ) and it will keep most all predators out.


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