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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!

My oldest daughter, Kat, came running into the house the other day. She was outside giving water to the rabbits when she noticed something strange in one of the rabbit pens. You guessed it! 

Baby Rabbits!!!!


We were given two new rabbits a couple of months ago. I know I should have checked their sex. I even told myself to take the time. But I didn't. And one of them was a male. So now we have three extra bundles of fur.

We have three adult males and three adult females, as well. They are all separated now, of course. 

Here are some really interesting facts about raising rabbits!

The mother pulls out her fur to make her nest a day to a week before giving birth. Our nest boxes are built in and that's where our Momma made her nest. After they give birth, they leave the little hairless newborns alone! And they only go back to feed them twice a day! (Any of you nursing moms out there jealous? I was! Just kidding...a little.)

This is a survival instinct to protect their offspring from predators. By the time the babies are two weeks old, they have fur, their eyes are open, and they can walk around. That's when they leave the nest box. So our babies are two weeks old already!

They will be weaned in another couple of weeks. Oh and get this! The Momma Rabbit is likely pregnant. They can get pregnant again a few hours after giving birth! (I'm not jealous about that!) We will see what happens in a month.

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