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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Cookie Cutter Bird Feeders

Are you looking for a quick and easy project to do with the kids while snowed in? This Cookie Cutter Bird Feeder project from jugglingwithkids.com was perfect for our homeschooling family.....and the birds it fed!

Cookie Cutter Bird Feeder
Cookie Cutter Bird Feeder

First, we dissolved an envelope of unflavored gelatin in ¼ cup water. Next, we added 1 cup of birdseed to a bowl and then added the gelatin. We placed wax paper on a cookie sheet. Then placed our cookie cutters on top of the wax paper. We spooned the birdseed mixture into each cookie cutter all the way to the top, packing tightly. We used a cut up straw to poke a hole through the top of each cookie cutter mold.


The straw stayed in as the mixture dried in the cookie cutter overnight.

 The next morning, we removed the straw and carefully slid the bird feeders out of the cookie cutter.
We strung them with twine and hung them from a branch by the rabbit hutches. Click here for the printable recipe.

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