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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Book Review Trailer Tutorial

Tired of old-fashioned book reports? Try creating a book review trailer.


Book Review Trailer Tutorial


As promised in a previous post about a fun way to write a book report, this is a 10 Step Tutorial on how my son, CJ, created a book review trailer using Windows Live Movie Maker.


Step 1: Find the right book. CJ chose the Skeleton Creek Series.

Step 2: Watch other trailers and get ideas. YouTube is good for this. Check out CJ's Book Review Trailer on the Skeleton Creek Series.

Step 3: Write your narration/script. This is when CJ decided what he wanted to say about the books.

Step 4: Find pictures that accompany your narration/script. He used his script to find pictures that he thought would be a good representation of his narration.

Google Images for Skeleton Creek to be chosen for book review trailer
Google Image Search for Skeleton Creek

He right-clicked on the image and chose save as. He then saved them in a new folder named the title of the book review trailer.

Save Image As Screen for Book Review Trailer Images
Save Image As Screen to Save Images for Book Review Trailer

Step 5: Add pictures to Windows Live Movie Maker.

Windows Live Movie Maker Add Photos Screen for Book Review Trailer
Windows Live Movie Maker Add Photos for Book Review Trailer

Step 6: Create a title page for your movie.

Create a title page for book review trailer in windows live movie maker
Create a Title Page for Book Review Trailer

Step 7: Record Narration. You will need an audio recording device for this. We used an ASUS laptop and it was built in. I created the screen shots for this post on my desktop computer. I do not have images for the sound portion.

Where to record narration for book review trailer
Record Narration for Book Review Trailer
Step 8: Add music to your book review trailer. CJ chose the X-Files theme song. He used the Sound Recorder (search for this in the Start Menu) to record it and saved it to the computer. He was then able to add it as a music file.

where to add music to book review trailer
Add Music to Book Review Trailer

Step 9: Adjust the duration of time for each picture. You want to make sure that the pictures change at the correct moment during the narration. This was trial and error for CJ.  

Where to control length of duration of pictures for book review trailer
Adjust Duration Length of Pictures for Book Review Trailer

Step 10: Click on the Movie Maker Tab (as shown by arrow) and choose Save Movie and then Recommended for this project. Choose the location that you want to save your movie in. It is now ready to be published on a site like YouTube.

how to save movie in windows live movie maker for book review trailer
Save Movie to Finish Book Review Trailer

I hope you found this Book Trailer Review Tutorial helpful! CJ enjoyed the project. I enjoyed watching his creativity!

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