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Monday, November 30, 2015

Beginning Toddler School

Baby Jay has started Toddler School. She is 19 months old now. This is just our time to play together. With a part-time job, 4 kids, homeschooling, and all the other activities we do, it can be difficult to find one-on-one time with each of the kids. This is a great way for Baby Jay and I to have our time.  Are you thinking about beginning Toddler School with your little one? Here is what our first week looked like.

How We Began Toddler School

Beginning Toddler School

We are just getting started so I began with toys that we already have.

She is working on her puzzles in this picture. It's much easier for her to take the piece out than it is to put it back in, but she gets better every day.

Beginning Toddler School
Playing with her puzzle.

Here she is playing with her Shape Sorter. I tell her what the shapes are as she works on her coordination.

Beginning Toddler School
Shape Sorter

Baby Jay LOVES playing with babies. Here she is in the baby bed with her baby.

Beginning Toddler School
In the bed with her baby.

She is playing with her Legos in this picture. She would rather take them apart than put them together, but we are working on that, too. 

Beginning Toddler School
Working with her Legos.

These are the fun learning activities that we did this week. I'm excited about all Baby Jay and I are going to do together in her Toddler School! This post is linked up to the Tot School Gathering Place.

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