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Monday, July 6, 2015

It's Time to Can Peaches!

My friend Kaity and I canned peaches for the first time this weekend. Things like this are definitely more fun to do with a friend! Since we had never canned peaches before we needed a little help. We found some awesome instructions on this post

How to Can Peaches

How to Can Peaches

Ingredients Needed:

Fruit Fresh

Equipment Needed:

Water Bath Canner
Jars, Rings, New Lids
Jar Lifter
Magnetic Lid Lifter

How we did it:

We had 3 boxes of peaches that were each a 1/2 bushel. We decided to can them in three batches. This worked well for us, but it took ALL day long. Good thing we were having fun, right?

1/2 Bushel of Peaches
1/2 Bushel of Peaches

Begin by washing the peaches.

Washing Peaches in the Sink
Washing Peaches

The peaches were then peeled, quartered, and pits removed. Use Fresh Fruit to keep them looking nice because this process takes a while.

Peaches peeled and quartered
Peaches ready for the jar

The water in the Water Bath Canner was heating during this process.

Water Bath Canner Heating on the Stove
Water Bath Canner

The jars were washed and kept warm while the lids were in a little pot of simmering water. Then it was time to put in the peaches and the hot water before placing them in the Water Bath Canner. (Make sure to wipe off the jar rims before placing the lids on.) Process pint sized jars for 25 minutes and quart sized jars for 30 minutes. Remove the jars and place them on a towel to cool. 

Canned peaches cooling on a towel
Canned peaches cooling on a towel

Let me know how your canning process is different than mine!

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